Western Scholars on Zenawi’s Dictatorship: Must Read!

  African democracy through Obama:
Nii Akuetteh. Nii Akuetteh is an Africa policy analyst, activist and non-profit executive now based in Washington, DC. He is also founder of the Democracy and Conflict Research Institute (DCRI). Read full story in PDF…
  The Return of Electoral Authoritarianism in Ethiopia
By Prof. Lovise Aalen & Prof. Kjetil Tronvoll. Lovise Aalen is Associate Professor at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy. Kjetil Tronvoll is Professor at the University of Oslo, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. Read full story in PDF…
  Obama, Africa and Peace Strategy Paper
President Obama should quickly wind down the current Bush support for dictators in Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Equatorial Guinea (and perhaps even Egypt). By John Prendergast and John Norris. Read full story in PDF…
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