OPDO Passes a Resolution to Abandon Master Pla

Central Committee of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) passed a resolution to abandon the Addis Ababa and Finifine Surrounding Oromia Special Zone integrated development master plan on Wednesday (January 13) after its three days long emergency meeting held at Adama town.

According to the Central Committee, OPDO had long been engaged with the public in the fields of development and good governance; and pursued wide scale works and proved its public base said the central committee.

According to the committee any issue on which common consensus is not reached with the public will not be implemented, and hence the committee passed the decision to totally abandon the plan.

Apart from the Master Plan, the Central Committee promised to carefully deal with special interests the Oromia Regional State shall accrue from Addis Ababa as enshrined under the FDRE Constitution.

The committee stressed that those who hijack the legitimate questions of the public to satiate their evil demand will be culpable.

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