ONLF: We will work with the Ethiopian Opposition Groups to fight against the regime

ONLFRasta1The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) will increase its military and diplomatic efforts in part of liberating the occupied land of Ogaden region, we really congratulate our army for their victory over the Ethiopian Security Forces, ONLF Chairman , Mohamed Omar Osman said Sunday.

Speaking at an annual executive meeting in the United Kingdom, Mr. Osman said we are planting “tree of the freedom” for our blood and sent his condolence to the families who are losing their sons and daughters especially the fallen heroes among the Ogaden national Liberation Army (ONLA).
He said Ethiopia could not solve the conflict of the Ogaden militarily and she understood that for long, she wanted to sit with the ONLF in a bid to end the conflict through dialogue, but instead kidnapped the same men that were facilitating the talks.
He reiterated that ONLF would continue to fight until a political solution for the Ogaden cause is reached.
ONLF deputy head of community and Ethiopian affairs Hassan Moalim said Ethiopia will disintegrate up to 15 nations very soon as it follows the same fate of Yugoslavia.
Attending 4-hours meeting via Skype Mr. Moalim explained the current situation of Ethiopia in details and recommended the ONLF leadership to strength the relations that the group has with the Ethiopian opposition groups including Oromo Liberation Front, (OLF) Sidama Liberation Front, ( SLF) , Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), Afar and Gambella liberation fighters.
” It is our obligation to work with all Ethiopian Opposition Groups to speed up the change that our nations need,” said Moalim. ” And we will offer the kind of support they need from our side.” “When we cooperate with each other , the outcome is beneficial for either parties.”
Recent ONLF military gains
Fighters from Ogaden National Liberation Army or ONLA engaged with the Ethiopian Security forces early this week ahead of planned Ethiopian Defense visit.
The fighting took place at Sagag District and Suban-balal and Bod’ano, the outskirts of the Southern Ogaden town of Gode. The Ethiopian Minister of Defense Siraj Fegassa along with Ethiopian Generals, who was on visit in the region particularly Gode summarized their visit and immediately departed the region.
According to Ogaden portals, ONLF fighters wounded dozens and killed 42 Ethiopian Security forces better known as Liyuu Police or Special Police including three Shaleqa, i.e. majors, this rank is acquired only after the proven performance of many killings.
Residents of Gode were reportedly forced to bury the deceased Security forces and civilian cars were also confiscated to transport wounded Ethiopian soldiers to the Gode town.
Another fighting erupted today at Eelo-Obo, in the province of faafan aroundthe Capital city of Jigjiga.
Today’s fighting is said the rebel fighters captured Eelo-Obowithout much resistance. But casualties of today’s fighting yet remain unknown, according to local news site , Qorahay Media.
The ONLF lost an army commander , Mustafe Haybe, and several fighters in the fight as well as IleysTV journalist , who was a former Radio Xoriyo also known as Radio freedom reporter named Mohamed Dawil.
Government-run site published images of killed journalist and his cameraman. The images appeared to show the use of severe torture.
It is not clear the strategy behind ONLF’s recent full-scale offensive against Ethiopian soldiers positions-more than 5 provinces in Ogaden ,however, it wascontrary to what Mr. Fegassa was told by regional President Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi-Qawane),to Mr. Fegassa, who showed asight of dismay before his departure.
The Ogaden conflict is regarded one of the longest wars in the history of Africa. More than 500, 000 people have died, and more than a million have fled from the region.There are 100,000 Ogaden refugees in Kenya and 3,000 in Yemen, of whom 2,500 are registered with UNHCR in Sanaa. Around 100 families from Ogaden live in Al-Kharez Refugee camp in the South of Yemen, registered with UN as refugees from Somalia.
Human rights Watch has accused the Ethiopian government of systematically cracking down on media ahead of the may 2015 election.
ONLF was founded in 1984, and it has been engaging army struggle with the Ethiopian troops stationed in Ogaden since 1994, after the Ethiopian government cracked down its members following after the first ever legitimate Ogaden Parliament overwhelmingly voted yes for self-determination.
Ogaden borders Djibouti,Oromia, Kenya and Somalia . The people are predominantly ethnic Somali and Muslim. The region was Italian and English-colony but in 1954, the English handed over to Ethiopia.
Ahmed Abdi is a freelance journalist and has produced an enormous series of publications across dozens of local, regional and international news portals. He can be reached at
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2 Responses to ONLF: We will work with the Ethiopian Opposition Groups to fight against the regime

  1. Araya

    February 12, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    There is a big historical error being perpetuated here. The statement “The region was Italian and English-colony but in 1954, the English handed over to Ethiopia.” is erroneous because the Ogaden was neither an Italian nor an English colony. It was in the 1941 Anglo-Ethiopian agreement the British controlled the region for wartime reasons.

  2. Helen Seyoum

    February 24, 2015 at 10:49 PM

    The Ethiopian so called opposition/TERRORIST are currently angry because the TPLF 40 years anniversary celebration is once again uniting TPLF supporters .

    Presidents of Sudan , Ruwanda and Somalia , Prime Minsters OF Djibouti and Uganda came to Tigray for TPLF 40 years anniversary celebration made those that oppose TPLF feel like they lost never to win against TPLF in anyway.