OLF still maintained killing Ethiopia

By Biraanu Gammachu

This piece is mainly devoted to discussions on Functioning Ethiopia from OLF’s (Oromo Liberation Front) perspective, and thereby opinionates what ought to be embraced by stakeholders. Read full story in PDF: OLF not for Functioning Ethiopia

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One Response to OLF still maintained killing Ethiopia

  1. Hilina Berhanu

    March 4, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    This is the 21st century youth / here the Oromo speaking; I like it! This would apparently be valid to a big section of the activists in the Ethiopian political landscape of today!

    This is the big point from a perspective of the big picture if we all want to survive collectively (as Ethiopians) in the turmoil of the coming social future awaiting our next generations of our region.

    Yes indeed! Mr. Biraanu Gammachu, the crux of our existence lies in the fact that,

    “The world is moving. There are more futures to become present and there are more presents to become past. There is nothing as such we call history is repeating itself unless otherwise the history makers remained constant.

    Beyond reasonable doubt we are convinced that no human history had perfect past in any part of our planet Earth so do people in Ethiopia. No past could twist to be a future nor does a future exclude the past in absolute terms. Our future could tangent the past but it should be with different curve. In order to mutually benefit from the dynamic, we must work together to evolve from less perfect towards more perfect social interaction. Then we would be able to leave behind more predictable social, political and economic interactions.”


    “Therefore, the war should be not on social/ethnic or class manifestations but importantly on behaviors and attitudes that habitually embeds and institutes our thinking. Reactions against wrong tongues and actions are mainly emotional, unsustainable and quick fixes, then [w]e have to work to together to change our mindset.

    We [People of Ethiopia] shall continue as a Whole. Tolerance, Respect, Dialogue, Compassion, Humanity, Forgiveness and Togetherness should be the order of the process.”(Your statements, Mr. Biraanu Gammachu)

    Thanks for your unambiguous statements! It is high time we call a spade a spade! I hope this will incite ALL the Ethiopian YOUTH to come to the Edge of the 21st Century political arena, away from the legacy 19th/20th century Stalinist perception of reality!