OLF shake-up: radical change in Ethiopian politics?

hassen_hussienEMF – The national council members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) have passed yesterday a resolution to change the entire executive committee, and replacing them by a new, radical and visionary leadership, sources said. OLF’s general assembly meeting was concluded yesterday with a decision by abandoning the old leadership which, in the last 40 years, couldn’t move an inch with its unworkable, unproductive and divisive policies. [Picture: Hassan Hussein, Foreign Relations head of OLF. His amharic speech some time ago gives background of what the group think.]

Many believe that this shake-up and the emergence of a new visionary leadership among the radical OLF group will bring about a radical change in the Ethiopian politics.

Sources said that the new committee has not yet selected its new ad hoc chair-person. “It will focus on joining hands with all opposition forces to make dictatorship history in Ethiopia by making a united front with all kinds of colours.” It added.

Meanwhile, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on its website today announced that it has removed four of its top leaders from their responsibilities. From its Asmara office, the front has also accused 1. Hassan Hussein, 2. Leeco Baatii, 3. Kamal Galchu and 4. Abbaa-Nagaa Jaarraa for anti-organizational activities. Read the accusations in [PDF].

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