Ogaden regional presidential adviser fled to Sweden with secret films (+video)

Abdullahi Hussein took the secret videos of torture, murder and extortion, when he left his position as a television director in the Ogaden and fled to Sweden. He also smuggled their movies from the arrest of journalist Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson.

The freedom of speech in a dictatorship

Abdullahi Hussein, the regional presidential adviser and head of the media in the Ogaden, Ethiopia, when the Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson were shot and arrested in July 2011. The Swedes were forced to participate in a film that would be used as evidence against them. They were also subjected to a mock execution.

When Abdullahi Hussein got the film in his hand, he decided to leave the country. , in a few years he had copied the president’s secret video files including internal meetings, where police and soldiers testify to arbitrary arrest, torture, murder, extortion and rape. He brought all the material when he fled to Nairobi, Kenya in July 2012. For a year, he is a refugee in Sweden.

Director Andreas Rockséns documentary Dictatorship prisoners that was shown on SVT October 14 this year is largely based on the material Abdullahi Hussein smuggled out of the Ogaden.

More than 100 hours of film is also evidence in the police report against the regime in the Ogaden as Abdullahi Hussein have submitted. A preliminary investigation of serious crimes under international law was initiated by Swedish police on October 24.

Abdullahi Hussein showed some of their material during his lecture at JMK on Nov 20.

The freedom of speech in a dictatorship.
Abdullahi Hussein, shapes adviser of the president and responsible for the media in the Ogaden.

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