Obo Lencho Leta, a man who forgot the 2005 Ethiopian Election

Tedla Asfaw

Obo Lencho Leta shared his opinion on what is wrong in the coming Ethiopian election here.

He failed to mention the 2005 election as a good example of what Transparent Election is about. Before the May 2005 election there was public debate open for all unlike the current one.

People of all ethnic backgrounds enthusiastically participated in all venues. Huge rallies estimated by millions in Addis Ababa alone, Miazia 30, by the TPLF opponent coalition was staged. TPLF and its ethnic satellites staged their rallies too.

The 2005 election was a referendum on TPLF Ethnic Federalism of fourteen years. Obo Lencho Leta call it “nation of nations” which was spearheaded by TPLF was soundly defeated.

The ” nations ” which were created and legalized by force for fourteen years in the name of empowering the people did not bring a win for TPLF and its satellites ethnic organizations like OPDO Ato Lencho called them nations were soundly defeated.

The opposition under the banner of ” Kinijit ” and ” Hibret ” run on freedom for all and respect the cultural and linguistic differences among Ethiopians which Obo Lencho Leta deliberately labeled it as “Amharic Speaking Nation”. It was a battle between Ethiopian Unity Vs Ethiopia Division !!!

I am the generation of land to the tillers. As a student we were on the side of poor peasants against the land lords including our parents. We organized the farmers into peasant association and participated in giving land to the tiller.

That generation never divided our country into what Obo Lencho Leta called nations. We went to all parts of Ethiopia and were accepted by the farmers never been seen coming from another nation.

The Ethnic Elites like Obo Lencho Leta wold like to tell us that all this was done in the name of “Amharic Speaking One Nation”. The truth was many youngsters who lost their lives four decade ago were students from all ethnic group of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian leftist were no different from other leftist groups in other countries. Communism shortcoming is resolving conflict. If you are not with me you are an enemy to be liquidated. EPRP and MEISON fight opened the door for Derg no doubt about that. The members of these party who are still engaged in politics never see Ethiopia as claimed by Obo Lencho Leta, Amharic Speaking Nation.

The rights of nations and nationalities which the students advocated was exploited by TPLF and OLFite Like Obo Lencho Leta to dismember Ethiopia into Ethnic bantustas called Kilils which Lencho argued now as “Nations”. There are nine at present in a country of 80 different languages and cultures. Why not Eighty Obo Lencho Leta ? Is Sidama , Wolayeta less than Oromo historically ?? How comes we do not have Sidama and Wolyeta nations among the Nine Kilils ???

Isaias Afeworki which is the model for TPLF and OLF never divided Eritrea it liberated from Ethiopian “colony” into Ethnic Kilils or Lencho call it Ethnic Nations. Eritrea under Isaias is not a democratic or free country but one thing is true there is a country called Eritrea. If Eritrea follows Obo Lencho Leta wisdom it should at least be divided into ethnic mini states reflection of the ethnic difference in Eritrea. Eritrea once which gave refugee status for Lencho is a Tigrean speaking nation.

Ethiopians who have struggled for freedom and equality for more than four decades would like to see a form of federation which is the product of popular participation. The current Kilil is imposed on our people like the constitution. Obo Lencho Leta would like to preserve this Kilil for future independent nation of Oromia. This is an Old Idea inviting unending war in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people including the multi ethnic Addis ababa in 2005 voted against Ethnic Division for Equality under One Ethiopia. There are many who want to sacrifice for that cause as long as we breathe including this writer.

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5 Responses to Obo Lencho Leta, a man who forgot the 2005 Ethiopian Election

  1. Lebu Mera

    March 15, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    Bravo Ato Tedla! I echo your position and thank you for your forthrightness.

    Let Lencho dream about his “Oromo Nation,” but visionary Ormo Ethiopians, along with other ethnic Ethiopians, will prevail, and the extremists such as Lencho will be totally repudiated by peace-loving and brotherly-sisterly Ethiopians of all backgrounds.

  2. Zebegnaw

    March 16, 2015 at 12:44 AM

    Not clear why Eritrea and Isayas made it to this article by Ato Tedla. Could it be the usual “sayterut abet saylikut wedet” cheer leading? I just can’t stand such personalities.

  3. oiecha

    March 18, 2015 at 12:45 PM

    “People of all ethnic backgrounds enthusiastically participated in all venues” This is 2015. The writer refers to Ethiopians as “Ethnic group” But can we call Us Ethiopians ,at least discussing national-affairs? Gosa ,zer ,i thought was the monarchy era view

  4. Solomon Dagnachew

    March 27, 2015 at 2:56 AM

    I take off my hat for you that you have upsetted Obo Lencho Leta’s apple’s cart.
    God bless you, Tedla.

  5. Amebara Melaka werer

    April 4, 2015 at 3:05 PM

    Tedla you are 100% right on this one, before lencho
    has to negotiate for peace and reconciliation,
    The government is really scared of his huge influence
    On the Oromo people and close all doors that he can
    Not even have an office in addis ababa

    The result of ethnic politics, I just hope one day
    That the government of Ethiopia will wake up and
    Will start living in harmony with 90% of the population
    Instead of the current 10%