No woyane showed up at Seattle Lucy reception

EMF (2 October 2008) The Woyane representatives didn’t show up today at the reception of Seattle Lucy exhibition, EMF source said.

According to our source, the Seattle Consular, Solomon Tadesse, who is supposed to be the host failed to show up, frightened by protest from Ethiopians in Seattle.

Most visitors, especially the Americans, were asking where the host is. “It is very strange, offensive, and undiplomatic for the Counselor to invite people and disappear from the scene, “an American was quoted saying.

Ethiopians forced the events to be cancelled with Woyane in several places and the only place Woyane can show up is at the Exhibit center like ordinary people.

“Samuel Assefa, the Woyane ambassador will be in Seattle on Saturday to visit Lucy.” sources added.

“There he will face a huge protest from Ethiopian Diaspora!”

Ethiopians in greater Seattle area are preparing for Saturday’s protest at Seattle University, Pacific Science Center.

Earlier, a lecture by Samuel Assefa was cancelled due to huge opposition and outrage by Ethiopians living in the greater Seattle area.

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