No peace deal with Zenawi regime, ONLF

27 june 2010 — The Ethiopian government claim that it had concluded a deal with a large ONLF faction is a self-serving blatant lie intended to mislead the international community. It is not the first time that Ethiopia used this cheap trick concerning agreements with ONLF. In 1995, it used few stooges to promote ‘a faction of ONLF that it claimed to have accepted the constitution and participated in the so called elections’ of that time. Recently, in her usual self-deception, Ethiopia was celebrating for signing peace agreement the defunct former Al-Itihad elements, but that does not change the situation on the ground.

The regime in Addis Ababa is so desperate to show that it has reached an agreement with ONLF in order to divert attention from its war crimes in the Ogaden and the daylight robbery of the Ethiopian peoples’ right to democracy and representative governance by stealing the election. Ethiopia, which has disenfranchised its own opposition in the last election by defrauding it, has no intention of a genuine peace talks that will resolve the long-standing conflict between it and the Ogaden people.

Many countries and organizations from the international community had on many occasions offered their good offices to try to facilitate genuine negotiations that adhere to international standards between ONLF and Ethiopia, but the intransigence of the Addis Ababa Regime thwarted all those attempts. Instead, the current Regime ruling Ethiopia always opts for sly manoeuvres that are intended to forestall a genuine peace process.

By these theatrical postures, in which the Woyane regime is claiming to have conducted negotiations with a phantom and nonexistent entities, the regime is further alienating any chances of peaceful resolution in the Ogaden. The Ogaden National Liberation Front will continue its armed struggle until the Ogaden people achieve their full rights of freedom and ability to live in peace and prosper.

ONLF have not reached any agreement with the current Ethiopian regime and is not a party to the current so-called peace talks Ethiopian and its agents are spewing in the media. The real stance of ONLF will be proven by the ONLF actions in the political and military battlefields.

Finally, it is the Ethiopian leaders who will one day face the International Criminal Court , who need clemency for their Crimes against Humanity in the Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia not those who are fighting for their liberty and rights.

The Ogaden national Liberation front

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