New diplomatic team to replace Yamamato

Donald_YamamotoEMF – Ambassador Yamamato is preparing to leave as a new U.S. Embassy stuff is going to replace his team by the end of July, sources said.

Yamamato was so long darling until he was accused last month by Zenawi regime of providing “wrong” information to the state department about human rights abuses n Ethiopia.

The government of Meles Zenawi was mounting series of attacks on the US state department. The attack was so absurd that they have even used forged information to assault the US state department.

We stand by our report“, Donald Yamamoto said. “It [The US Human Rights Report] is completely based on eyewitness accounts. We try to do our best. Overall the report is very accurate”

There is a great deal of hope that the US policy toward the Horn could change with the Obama Administration which seemed to have made unease on Meles Zenawi’s regime. In its statement on the ‘Ginbot 7 plot’ and arrests, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accuses the US and the UK governments as “an all-too-frequent example of the double standards so often applied to Africa” for allowing Ginbot 7 leaders access to the VOA and BBC.

Asked about an authoritarian Ethiopian regime, President Obama’s newly appointed assistant secretary of state for African affairs Ambassador Johnnie Carson promised a balanced policy that combines short-term strategic interests with a recognition of the importance of “a free and vibrant press,” unfettered trade unions and other elements of civil society that can hold governments accountable.

Carson pledged to speak out against corruption, alongside Africans who are fighting it, to support a free and independent media, including electronic media using new technologies, and to advocate more resources and better security for U.S. diplomats in Africa.

A new team with new policy is on the way, as part of these changes.

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