MPs arrested despite their “immunity”

1 November 2008—Head of UDJP’s Organizational Affair, Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw, and other MPs Amiro Aweke and Libay Abebe have been arrested today in Western Gojam, City of Dembecha, sources said. The three were arrested while opening the party’s branch offices in the area.

The MPs are arrested despite their constitutional rights of “immunity not to be arrested”.

On Friday, The Secretary General of the Oromo Federalist party OFDM, Mr. Bekele Jirata is arrested on his way to the party’s office and was taken to the notorious Maekelawi central prison, EMF sources confirmed from Addis. Mr. Bekele’s home was searched and documents were confiscated, according to the sources.

According to the all Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP), woyane has confiscated the document of Mr Tadios Tantu, vice-chairman of the party on 28 October 2008. Mr. Tadios was on his work trip to southern Ethiopia. In its press release, AEUP has also reported that its member, Mr. Ali Mirah Yayu, was arrested in Assayita Zone.

Observers say that the Meles regime’s disparate measure to dissents is expected, as it is loosing its significance. The defeat in Somalia, the ever worsening economic crisis and the change in the political climate around the world, esp., of the USA brought about frustrations around the woyane camp.

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