MP Marita Ulvskog to join Copenhagen protest on Zenawi

Marita UlvskogEMF – The honorable Marita Ulvskog, Swedish MP of the European parliament will join the ever strong rally to protest the presence of Ethiopia’s dictator, Meles Zenawi at Copenhagen UN Climate Summit on 17-18 December. Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia in Europe will be heading to Copenhagen to expose the Ethiopian despot in front of world leaders.

Honorable Ms Ana Gomes, who couldn’t join the rally due to her travel to USA, will also make a speech by telephone at the Bella Centre – Copenhagen.

The rally is organized by the International Network against Repression and Injustice in Ethiopia (INARIE). The organizers believe that protecting the environment is linked with good governance and a child killer Meles Zenawi has a worst record on human rights. The protesters will also call the international community to bring Meles Zenwi to justice for the genocide crimes he committed against Ethiopians.

Read the flyer for detail.

Advocacy for Ethiopia has also hold a series of press conference on Copenhagen. The panel of experts who participated in the press conference includes Dr Seid Hassan, Dr Robsan Itana, Dr Minga Negash, Wz. Meron Ahahu, Ato Neamin Zelleke, Wz. Wassi Tesfa, and Dr Gezahegn Bekele. In a letter sent to all participants of the conference, the panelists explained, among other things, that Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi has no mandate to represent Ethiopia and Africa at the conference.

Documentary film maker, Chris Flaherty (Migration of Beauty) is dismayed how such an oppressive figure could be accepted to represent Africa at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. “Even more astounding is the insensitivity of ‘the powers that be’ towards the suffering of the Ethiopian people,” Says Chris.

Former New York Times reporter, Doug McGill says, “he’s (Meles Zenawi’s) being recognized and welcomed with open arms.” McGill also compared him to North Korea’s Kim Jong Ill and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. “Meles’ 18-year rule of terror in Ethiopia has easily earned him a place alongside dictators such as Kim Jong-Il, Slobodan Milosevic, Muammar Qaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Omar al-Bashir, Than Swhe, and Ali Khamenei.”

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