G7 condemns the ongoing mass detention of Oromos

Ginbot 7 (9 November 2008) – Meles Zenawi’s dictatorship in Ethiopia continues to use terrorism as a pretext to terrorize Ethiopians to silence dissent. A familiar pattern has emerged in how terrorism is being used bythe Meles regime as an excuse to suppress freedom in Ethiopia. A bomb goes of some where killing or injuring civilians and the regime says here is the proof. The regime discovers a cache of weapons and ammunition to furnish evidence to its claims.

The Meles regime, which is hated by the entire population, is effortlessly apprehending so called ‘terrorists’. This by itself is a good indication of how bogus the plots discovered by the security forces and the trumped up charges brought against innocent citizens.

The Meles dictatorship is known for forging documents, producing fake witnesses and conjuring up spectacular crimes, such as treason and genocide against any one, even peaceful human right activists. Seen in this context, the recent mass detention of Oromos under the pretext of foiling a terror plot is a complete farce. We believe that it is an attempt by the regime to gain the sympathy of the new U.S. president.

In the absence of independent governmental institutions and looking at the track record of the Meles dictatorship, it is incumbent upon us to reject any claim by the regime that is seeking to link the recent mass detention of Oromos with bogus terrorist plots.

Ginbot 7 condemns the attack on fellow Ethiopians of the Oromo ethnic group and call upon all those who stand for justice take the same position.

We take this opportunity to remind Ethiopians on the need to stand united to bring an end to the atrocities of Melese’s regime that is destroying persons, families and communities through out Ethiopia.

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy

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