Millions watching Migration of Beauty via ESAT

ON AIR VIA ESATEMF (22 May) – A day before elections, millions are watching Chris Flaherty documentary film Migration of Beauty via ESAT, the new Ethiopian Satellite Television.

Directed by Chris Flaherty, the film recalls the experiences of Ethiopian genocide survivors of the 1970s and the community activism led by the Ethiopian Diaspora in Washington D.C. in the run-up to the 2005 election.  “I am very pleased to announce that my documentary film, Migration of Beauty is broadcast into Ethiopia on May 21st via the new Ethiopian satellite service- Ethiopian Satellite Television or ETHSAT.” Chris Flaherty said.

Flaherty spent two years researching and befriending the witnesses involved in the historic event covered in the film. Migration of Beauty has screened at the AFI Institute in Maryland, Goeth-Institute in Washington D.C and international film festival circuits.

Chris says this is very important because the ruling party has been ferociously engaged in restricting media access to its people.

“Many of you know about their recent efforts to block VOA transmissions inside the country. ESAT provides alternate views that the ruling party doesn’t want Ethiopians to have access to.” He added.

The documentary film will be on air until Sunday. It is translated into Amharic by ESAT.

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