Meles Zenawi is purging ambassadors

EMF (26 May 2009) Ethiopia’s ruling dictator, Meles Zenawi has recalled at least 10 ambassadors back from all continents – almost all ethnic Amharas, in a move to purge and replace them with unqualified loyal cadres, sources said.

The foreign minister has already recalled its ambassadors from USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Australia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Zimbabwe. More diplomats are expected to be recalled, according to reliable sources.

Analysts say this is yet another bold move by the ever panicked regime to take vengeance on some ambassadors who are supposed to be critical to the increasingly worsening human right abuses being perpetrated by the regime. According to sources close to foreign minister, the government suspects some ambassadors to be involved in opposition Ginbot 7 movement, for openly expressing their complaints on the recent arrests.

Whether the diplomats will accept the recall is not yet known, but Ambassador Samuel Assefa of USA is caught in Addis, as he went to attend the funeral servce of his mother, the late Sindu Gebru.

In the last three years alone, close to 80% of diplomatic staff members had decided to leave their jobs due to discrimination, harassments and persecutions. Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is run by Seyoum Mesfin, the longest serving Minister of Foreign Affairs in the world. He has never been seen promoting the national interest of the country.

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