Meles Zenawi is Back To His Main Business

Seifu Tsegaye Demmissie (4 mei 2008) – The recent reports of Meles Zenawi giving away Ethiopian land to the Sudan should not surprise any Ethiopian who knows the mission and nature of this anti-Ethiopian element. Time and again, the dictatorial ethnocentric regime of Meles Zenawi has demonstrated its animosity to the existence of Ethiopia as a sovereign country.

It is well known and documented that the TPLF-Meles, have been conspiring and hatching plots to undermine the very survival of Ethiopia from their very inception. In fact, survival as a country is the most critical problem facing Ethiopia at the moment. In addition to his humiliation and repression of its citizens, Meles Zenawi is continuing his despicable task of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. He is holding Ethiopia as a hostage and functioning as a patronage for foreign interest in the country and the region. He has always fought and stood against the national interest of Ethiopia as a reaffirmation of his allegiance to his foreign backers and financiers. Dismembering,fragmenting and awarding Ethiopian territory to his former backers and financiers are parts of the mission of Meles Zenawi. He has not hidden his agenda and intention in this regard and is getting enough time and resources to carry them through.

Therefore, it is far fetched and reckless to expect this avowed enemy of Ethiopia to abandon his prime mission and join the mainstream Ethiopian society to build a democratic, prosperous and united country. There is enough lesson and evidence on the bases which one can conclude that it is impossible to reconcile Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi.The guy has an irreconcilable and serious quarrel with Ethiopia and is deteremined to setttle it by giving away its land and cahllenging its existence. His heavy handedness and ruthlessness against pro-Ethiopian political forces and personalities all prove his vehemently anti-Ethiopian stance. He uses the word chauvinism to ridicule Ethiopians with national agenda and struggling to defend and protect the national interests of their country. Thus Ethiopians have not any option other than dealing with and removing the continuous threats Meles Zenawi and others with similar agenda pose.

The struggle for democracy and freedom should place the defence of the sovereignty of the country on the top of its priorities. With the avowed enemies of Ethiopia controlling and exercising unlimited political power, we can not afford any luxury of bickering on other issues which can be dealt with and settled after the survival of the country has been insured and secured. The pro-Ethiopian and genuine opposition should be preoccupied with this issue and give it a central stage in its struggle. Surrendering legal Ethiopian territory or land to secure and maintain the favour and support of neighbouring regimes is part and parcel of Meles strategy to hold on to power. Their continued favour in removing his political opponents from their respective countries is what he seeks. He is corrupting the leaders of these countries to do the bidding for him. The fierce resistance of Ethiopians including those in his ethnic region has forced him to shelf his planned hand over of territory to his former boss and mentor, the EPLF. With the pro-Ethiopian opposition in disarray and the country in deep internal crisis, he thinks that another opportune moment has come for him to hand over our legal territory to his buddy in Khartoum.

The Sudan is a country in crisis and turmoil lacking stability for decades now. It is expected that the south with its fertile land, oil and other natural resources could opt for separation and independence in the forthcoming referendum agreed upon in the peace settlements.The secession of the south would mean the loss of fertile land for the rest of the Sudan. Meles Zenawi has realized this outcome and is awarding the Sudan the fertile lands of Ethiopia as some kind of compensation or reward for its collaboration in his crimes. Thus, ceding Ethiopian land in return for some kind of favour or support will continue as long as Meles Zenawi is in power. The longer Meles Zenawi stays in power, the more will be the loss of Ethiopian territory. He is the most loyal servants of foreign forces with vested interest in Ethiopia and the region. As a guardian of foreign interests,he is enjoying and relying on their unprecedented support. These same forces have bolstered the military capability of Meles Zenawi and led him into the adventurous and irresponsible business of invading a stateless and weak neighbouring country, Somalia. The invasion and occupation of a defenceless country in a chaotic situation proves, among other things, the moral decadence of the western big powers controlling and guiding the regime of Meles Zenawi. The foreign backers and financiers of the regime of Meles Zenawi should realize that they are violating the chapters of the United Nations by maintaining and operating a proxy regime which is bent on violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a member country.

International agreements or treaties entered into and signed by the illegitimate regime of Meles Zenawi are not binding. They should be declared null and void. The dictatorial and ethnocratic rule of Meles Zenawi is a catastrophe which has befallen our country and jeopardizing its existence. Ethiopians must continue the democratic and legitimate struggle until we free our country and form a government by and for us.

Ethiopia shall emerge and prevail.

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