Meles Zenawi arrived in London yesterday

16 March 2009(EMF) Meles Zenawi arrived in London yesterday up on invitation by Gordon Brown. The motive is unclear why Brown suddenly invited him, but it wouldn’t be without reasons for him to shake blood-stained hand of the brutal dictator.

Zenawi has never been a friend of the west for his notorious crimes. He is rather a simple tool to accomplish their tasks.

Their master-slave relationship is manifested when the west orders him to invade Somalia and latter accused him of war crimes.

“He could be invited this time to Handover Al-Bashir to ICC,” Says a prominent opposition figure. “He would do that if he is paid.”

Given short of hard currency in Ethiopia, and Eritrea’s “unholy” alliance with the Sudan, this assumption is not unlikely. Many ‘Arab’ states of Africa never trust Zenawi. Analysts suspect that Al-Bashir’s Addis Ababa meeting has been cancelled for same reason.

EPRDF controlled media says the invitation is to hold prior consultations on the upcoming G20 summit and explore ways on how best to drive home to the rich and emerging nations Africa’s interests.

“Meles Zenawi is one of african dictators who should be arrested and brought before the international criminal court instead of being invited to wine and dine with world leaders”, says an oppoition figure.

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