Medrek held successful General Assembly

EMF – UDJ, on its regular weekly meeting on Thursday the 30th of July, the executive committee elected seven of its members to represent the UDJ at the general assembly of Medrek held yesterday. The representatives elected were Eng.Gizachew, Dr. Hailu Araya, Siye Abraha, Negaso Gidad, Asrat Tasse, Temesgen Zewde and Andualem Arage.

According to the report,  Medrek held a democratic and successful general assembly yesterday the 31st of July 2010 from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. (planned 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).
a. The assembly heard and approved the report of the executive committee. Issues raise in the report were about the EPDM and CSDF, about meetings held in the four months, about
press conferences and statements held and given, about diplomatic relations, about the election, about the travel to the U.S., about public meetings held, about the media, about the appeals concerning the election and about finance.
b. The Audit and Control Committee also presented its report. It hinted the weaknesses which should be improved in the future.

c. The assembly read and approved the minutes of its 2nd meeting in February.
d. Based on the reports and the minute the assembly made several important decisions. A group of six people (Ayele Siyum from ESDP, Bekele Gerba from OFDM, Tsegaye Robale from OPC, Dr. Hailu QAraya from UDJ,
Ambassador Awalom from Arana and Kidane from south coalision) was established to study the experiences of the election and present its findings in two months at the 4th general assembly. EDUM and CSDF were expelled. The assembly unanimously decided to change Medrek from a coalition to a front with a vision to raise it to merger and forming a united party in the future. Documents for formal establishment of the front will be prepared by the new executive committee for the formal establishment of the front in 2 to 6 months.
e. The meeting elected Eng. Gizachew as the next chairperson, prof Beyene as the chairman for the Public Relations committee and Ato Gebru Assrrat as the Finance Chief.

Eng Gizachew gave a wonderful and a moving speech at the closing of the meeting. Journalists were present at the opening and closing of the meeting.

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