Medrek held succesful public meeting in Atlanta

“Medrek Develops a New Political Culture in Ethiopia” Medrek Officials. Medrek leadership in Atlanta

Reported by Mhahidere Andinet – Atlanta, Georgia: A three-man high level delegation of Medrek, a coalition of eight political parties, stated last Saturday in Atlanta that the party is striving to develop and nurture a new political culture in the life of Ethiopian political arena—a culture based on the principles of co-existence and the ability to accommodate each other’s opposing views. (Photos by EMF)

Members of the delegation who are currently on a working tour in North America arrived in Atlanta on Thursday April 15, 2010 and addressing the Atlanta community at Holiday Inn explained at length the prime objective and mission of Medrek.

Since its very inception, Medrek is vehemently trying to coordinate and work together with other parties who believe and uphold the unity and territorial integrity of the Ethiopia. Members who at one time enlisted in opposing political parties are now working hand –in- hand for the betterment of the county and establishment of genuine democracy in Ethiopia, officials stated.Medrek in Atlanta

The officials who openly admitted that we Ethiopians lack the ability to work together stressed the need going forward to develop to understand one another for a common goal. To this end they called upon every Ethiopian to follow the new political culture as outlined by Medrek.

The officials further stated that the diverse composition of the delegation as well as representation within the rank and file of Medrek speak a lot by itself asserting the policy that the party stands for.

The meeting that lasted for 3 hours began with a solemn moment of silence in honor of those who sacrificed their lives while fighting against one of the most tyrant regimes in Africa and for thousands of other political prisoners including Birtukan Medeksa, president of Medrk who is still languishing at the notorious Kaliti prison, serving life sentence.

Medrek in AtlantaIn a question and answer session, Medrek executives re-iterated once again that to form good governance and resolve the complex socio-economic problems, Medrek believes that peaceful means of struggle is the only viable way of bringing the desired change n Ethiopia.

The trio sited the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of South Africa as a time-tested model which can be applied to Ethiopia if we need to advance and created a county equal to all its citizens.

Referring to the forthcoming election, Medrek officials re-affirmed that the best way to address and reach out the general public is to make use of the opportunity created by EPRDF/ Woyane regime.

Earlier on Friday members of the delegation had a meeting with the Honorable Tyron Brooks, a member of Georgia House of Representative and Joseph Beasley Regional Coordinator of Rainbow Coalition.

Mr Brook, a renowned civil rights veteran and president of Georgia Black Elected Officials (GABEO) recently appealed to president Barak Obama and Mrs Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State to use their good offices and exert maximum effort to free Birtukan , an icon of human rights movements and civil liberty in Ethiopia.

During the meeting the Ethiopian delegation briefed both US officials about the current political and economic situation of the country. The honorable Tyron Brooks re-assured the delegation GABEO’s stance and promised to double their efforts to free Birtukan and support the Ethiopian people in their struggle for long lasting peace, equality and respect of human rights.

(to be continued)

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