Medrek held succesful meeting in Tenben, Tigray

Medrek in Tenben [By

Hanna Sisay Kidani] – Tigray seems to be the battle ground for Medrek and the reception so far is overwhelming.  This has put the government in panic and immersed its minions in a desperate mood. Despite the warning by TPLF, thousands of residents attended Medrek’s meeting yesterday. During the meeting, Ato Siye Abrha said, “We respect the law, but this doesn’t mean we are scared of them. He (Meles Zenawi) also knows that too. His threats doesn’t stop us. We will go forward…”
Ato Siye Abrha was accompanied by his compatriots; Gebru Asrat, Aregash Adane and Ambassador Awe’alom Woldu. According to the report, today Medrek held public meeting in Adwa and Addis Ababa. The next meeting will be Axum, Tigray. Click here to read the full report. [PDF Amharic]

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