Marathon runners take to streets of London on final day of Olympic Games – Uganda wins gold!

Let us congratulate East African runners and encourage Ethiopian marathon runners for representing Ethiopia in front of millions and running under green, yellow and red flag!

Marathon Gold for Stephens Kiprotich of Uganda, silver and bronze for Kenyans. Uganda won its first ever gold for Uganda, congratulation.

8:00 – Few minutes left to finish the London men’s marathon. Ugandan Kiprotich (same name with kenyan runner) is leading. If uganda wins, this will be their first time to win in Olympic marathon. Ethiopian Ayele Abshero is following in big gap. It looks like Gold, Silver and bronze will go to Kenyans and Ugandan. Ethiopia is not going to get medal, but East Africans, Kenya and Uganda. Let’s congratulate them and of course thank Ayele Abeshiro for running under green, yellow red Ethiopian banner.

7:30 AM – 3 leaders are at front. ‎2 Kenyans among one Ugandan running at the front lead. Ethiopian Ayele Abeshero is following them in 5 seconds gap, in 4th place, Brazilian Santos is in 5th place. They just completed 18 miles.

7:00 AM- The front group is dominated by East Africans, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and south sudan who is running under Olympic banner. 2 American runners dropped out but the eritrean born Kiflezgi, who is still in the race, he is in 16th place. The Kenyan Kiprotich is leading the front group for the last 30 minutes, 2Ethiopians and few other runners are behind him.

There is 14 second gap between Kiprotich and the chasing pack. The chasing pack narrowed to seven runners, 2 Ethiopians are among the chasing pack.

6:30 AM- Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans and Eritreans are on the lead.
Those who can not watch it on TV, you may Click here to watch live marathon.

6:00 AM – It’s the final day for London Olympic, Marathon will be the last athletics performed by great athletes. … Ayele Abshero Getu Feleke Dino Sefir are running for Ethiopia. They are running among Kenyans and americans at the front side. (EMF will keep reporting the progress.)

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