Hailu Shawel’s son gives warning to EMF!

Eng. Hailu Shawel’s son, Anteneh Hailu gives warning to EMF over his father’s photo which has been posted days ago. Anteneh Hailu urges EMF to take off the picture in less than 24 hours.

anteneh hailu       

to"media.emf@gmail.com" date Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 11:30 PM      

Mr/Ms Editor 
This is not the first time you have tried to defame Hailu Shawel's 
name. It is not advised you continue performing business in such 
unethical and illegal fashion in this advanced country. This is 
not Eritrea or Ethiopia. Your prompt reply to my email about 
professional media compliance Laws  of the United States and 
Cananda after you take of Hailu Shawel's picture to my 
email in less than 24 hrs is an immediate demand. 
This letter is only a notice.   

Anteneh Hailu      

Family Member

Do you want EMF to remove Hailu Shawel’s photo from its website? Have your say!

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