Lidetu Ayalew humiliated in London: Video

By Wondimu Mekonnen, London 21 November 2010 — [Also in picture ] In the past, every time Lidetu Ayalew was invited to London, he was treated like a hero and spoilt rotten like a prince. That did not make him a good man, but a dictator in waiting, arrogant who wouldn’t hesitate to humiliate elders. That soft spoken polite Lidetu came out sounding like Lt Mengistu Hailemariam and traitor Meles Zenawi combined. This man, for whom Ethiopians spent their time and money, ungrateful Meles-pampered loyal opposition leader showed up his face in London and demanded to address the public, from whom he fleeced thousands of pounds thinking he was a pro-democratic change in Ethiopia.

Many of us stayed away as a sign of protest and save our time and energy for the upcoming 27th November showdown with Woyyane agents. Other angry men and women could not ignore him but went out to the Ethiopian community to confront.

He was heavily guarded by two mountain sized white bouncers and an army of Policemen. Yalew Kebede, the well-known hod-ader (one of those who wouldn’t hesitate to kill to fill his belly) and some loyal servants of Woyyane came in support of Lidetu but they did not save him from humiliation. The result can be evidenced on the following videos.

My advice to people like Lidetu is simple. If you have hurt so many people deliberately and people hate you back for that, don’t complain. Don’t even mention these are Ginbot 7 supporters. Nothing you say makes sense. Do not expose yourself to a hostile crowed. There is nothing you can do to be loved again.

ወዶ የጠላ ሰው፣
የቆረጠ ሐሞቱን፣
ጠምዝዞት ይኸዳል፣
አያሳይም ፊቱን!

All you have to do is, declare yourself a raving religious man like Getachew Mamo Waqkene (aka Tamirat Layne) and disappear from the face of the angry victims. At least God may forgive you. Otherwise, that inevitable time may come when they may a chance to tear him apart.

More videos will soon follow. In the mean time enjoy what we have.

Shame on those who collaborate with Woyyane and show their faces among the public!

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