“Let our actions shine our faith” Kesis Melaku

Reported by – Kirubeal Bekele (SEATTLE)
Today will be the third and last day of the bible conference that is going on at St.Gabriel church in Seattle. The teacher is the well-known and very talented preacher Kesis Melaku from Los Angeles St. Mary Church.
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Kesis Melaku brings the bible which is the word of God into our daily living. His God-given talent is his ability to show us how every step we take in our lives can and should be directed by the word of God.

It is not easy to tell you how great his teachings has been in the past two days. Words are a very poor representation of reality. The only way to know how powerful his teaching is to just come and find out. This is true in everything. Want to know anything? Just do it. Or be there where the action is.

For those of you in Seattle, you can come today Friday July 22, 2011 at 6:00PM and attend the last day of the Conference at St. Gabriel Church and get your life-changing teaching as well as blessings from Kesis Melaku that will last you for years.

Remember, a body without a soul and faith without action are the same. They are DEAD as St. James said in the New Testament. It is very challenging in this complicated world of ours but let us try to live our faith in our daily living. A little bit at a time, let us try to walk our talk. And let our actions shine our faith. One small step at a time.

For those of you who are too far from Seattle, no problem. You can still learn from Kesis Melaku right from your computer.

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