Legally Corrupt State – A Speech By Wondimu Mekonnen at UK house of commons

The simplest definition of state corruption is the self-enrichment of government officials through the use of the power bestowed on them and state mechanism. In Ethiopia, the TPLF is a mafia type gang that is running its own Mafiosi economic empire, not the country as a legitimate caring government. Read the story in PDF. LEGALLY CORRUPT STATE

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3 Responses to Legally Corrupt State – A Speech By Wondimu Mekonnen at UK house of commons

  1. Aster

    July 25, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    Dear Wondimu
    My one worry is your use of Ethiopian Review as a source [ER is no more than a page of propaganda]! I believe there is corruption in Ethiopia; but a check in NY bank amounting to 5 Billion is suspect.Banks are extra cautious to even allow $5 million especially if the origin of the money is a country such as Ethiopia. The writer’s reputation is on the line. And by default the cause of the opposition is undermined unless this bit of info is picked up by investigative journalists from NYT, etc. It could be the check to Semhal is forged; and the Ethiopian government is behind the plot in order to make the opposition look ‘fools and idiots.’

  2. Jambada Saro

    July 26, 2013 at 9:27 PM

    Do you know EFFORT’s trillions of dollars are hidden in offshore accounts? If not, check the recent International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) Offshore Leaks Database. Enter “EFFORT” and then click “search” to see how many offshore accounts exist in EFFORT’s name. At least you will find a dozen. Details as t who opened the accounts and how much money exist in each account is not made public, but if contacted, ICIJ might help with that information.

    Please let Dr. Wondemu and others know this information. TPLF’s EFFORT operating “tax free” is only part of the story. It also does not keep its money in the country which means it cannot be borrowed by the government for development work or private individuals. The crime is called capital flight.

  3. Leqa Naqamtee

    July 27, 2013 at 5:25 AM

    One point to be clear is the empire is organized under Mafia types of structure. There is always a master mind behind such structure. We are allowed to survive if and only if we keep quite!!! Please observe your environ, countless people are in need of potable water, housing, not 3 instead 1 time meal per day, health, access to education, sustained income, bright future. Can you imagine what shall be our children future, our grandson’s future? If such selfishness continued, the essence of the past bitter struggle for democracy and equality has fully got aborted.
    Oh God, please forgive them for such greed, limitless motivation for wealth accumulation and selfishness. As Job said under his book chapter 1, “every one come to this world necked and go back necked” Please open their eyes to understand what they are doing and living for.