Last Days of Sorrow (By Fasil)

This is a story written by Fasil,  about personal family history. He made it public to ensure that it is not lost. Writing this has brought back both joyful and painful memories.

The writer is grateful for the openness, support and empathy of friends and family. To read the story click here.


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One Response to Last Days of Sorrow (By Fasil)

  1. Ayele

    March 27, 2014 at 8:38 AM

    Dear Fasil

    I did not get the point why you reveal your family’s’ secret to the public. Is it your way of getting a relief from it ? a kind of therapy? if so it might help you in the case of releasing your emotions. But i did not get your point to forward to public, at the end of the day your family is yours. No matter he is bad or good . period!!!
    According to the information you gave us you a had been stayed abroad ( out of Ethiopia)for almost more than 25 years. You have been a member of diaspora community in America.
    your family’s’ background is an affluent one, especially your father had been an official in the imperial regime. Further your mothers’ side have been aristocrats .
    At this crucial time Ethiopia is in a crisis , When the whole Ethiopia and Ethiopians are suffering ; you better focus and join the Ethiopian patriots to reverse the bad governance which is imposed on Ethiopians by the current regime woyane.