Kinijit NA and Canada council on emergence of UJDP

andenet Leaders20 June 2008 (KNAASO) – The emergence of Andenet Party UJDP (Unity for Justice and Democracy Party) is a very important event in the Ethiopian political scene. Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations (KNAASO) together with our sister Canada Council is honored to wish congratulations to the over 400 delegates from all corners of Ethiopia.

We salute this important event where ordinary citizens voluntarily gathered to work together to form a just and free Ethiopia. We aware that this is the first for our country in our over 3000 years of history

We in the Diaspora are heartened by the courage of the delegates from all over Ethiopia. We are in awe of the patience exhibited by the founders of Andenet in the face of the hardship they faced in the process of organizing for this important conference. We will not forget the hurt and sorrows of our fellow citizens since the 2005 elections. The official formation of Andenet is a response to the continuing repression and lack of basic rights.

This meeting that took place against all odds is a testimony that you are committed to the hard and arduous struggle ahead of us. Andenet is the result of hard work by so many who are committed to bring democracy to our country.

KNAASO with Canada Council is proud and committed to stand with you. We are also conscious that the quest for freedom is a long and protracted struggle. Events in last three years since the historical 2005 election have proven to us that the only lasting solution towards building a viable and democratic institution is to base it on a solid foundation of the rule of law and democracy. We are a very vibrant and all inclusive association of Chapters operating in all of North America including Canada due to our commitment to democracy.

We congratulate the founding members of Andenet (UJDP) and promise to double our efforts to help you reclaim our country and lead it in the right path.

Ethiopia will prevail !!!!
Kinijit North America Association Of Support Organization (KNASO)
Kinijt Canada Support Council

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