Kangaroo court ruled against Teddy

Teddy Afro in prisonEMF(21 July ’08) The TPLF kangaroo court ruled today the famous Ethiopian artist, Teddy afro to defend the charge, despite clear signs of false evidences presented to it. Teddy was told to appear on 4th October 2008 to defend himself. Teddy Afro was accused of being involved in a fatal car accident. All evidences provided to the court by prosecutors have been proved to be false and forged. Despite that, however, the judge had to read a usual politically prescribed decision. “God is great! እግዚአብሔር ታላቅ ነው!” Teddy Afro told judge Leul on today’s court drama. Many believe that the charge against the artist is politically motivated. It is a vendetta for his critical songs against the regime. Read more in Amharic from EthiopiaZare. (Picture: Teddy in prison appearing to visitors)

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