Just foreign policy: Act now

ACt NowAsk Congress to Support Human Rights in Ethiopia and Consider S. 3457 – U.S. tax dollars are funding war, dictators, and human rights abuses. Ethiopia is among the top recipients of U.S. aid. Our tax dollars support the Ethiopian government, which has perpetrated widespread human rights abuses and crimes against humanity in the Ogaden region. And the U.S.-backed invasion of Somalia by the Ethiopian regime led to a massive humanitarian crisis and regional destabilization.

The Bush Administration not only turned a blind eye to the Ethiopian government’s brutality, but it continued to pour money into Ethiopia because it is a key ally in the “war on terror.”

However, Congress has been pressing for change. A bill, S. 3457, was introduced last year by Sen. Feingold that would support democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. We are pressing for its reintroduction.  Please ask your Senators to support it.

For more information on the situation in Ethiopia, see the Human Rights Watch June 2008 report. …  Act now >>

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