Is the Reporter Editor the next Teddy Afro?

Joe Michael, 21 November 2008 – The authoritarian Ethiopian ruling party, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) loyalists have turned their backs on the Reporter newspaper editor, their one time closed partner. While the editor’s recent stories about the Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi monopoly and unproductive investment in Ethiopia was stated as a reason for the conflict, the editor’s unusual stories and their negative effects on EPRDF loyalists’ benefits is the main reason for the clash between the partners.

Mr. Amare Aregawi, who is the owner and chief editor of the Reporter Amharic and English newspaper, was a prominent EPRDF member who earned respect by his comrades. He served EPRDF in different positions ever since they have taken over the country. He was very loyal and closed friend with many high-ranking officials including EPRDF business partners. Mr. Amare knows about EPRDF and its partners more than any other journalists do because he was entitled unconditional access to many classified information.

Thus, what made EPRDF loyalists angry was not because they lost their loyal friend, but because their former loyal friend knows a lot of secrets.

The Reporter editor has begun unfolding attention-grabbing stories about EPRDF and its business partners, which apparently damage the interests of the EPRDF family. The loyalists know that if this bean is left alone for tomorrow, it will never be chewed. Thus, they are digging a deep hole to bury their one time friend. They are looking for tactics to make Mr. Amare the next Teddy Afro.

The Reporter editor, the one time beloved son of EPRDF is indeed in a grave danger for telling the truth. In fact, he was incarcerated a couple of month ago for reporting about employee’s abuse in one of the EPRDF’s partner companies. Recently, he was viciously beaten up by a group of people who had a hidden mission. EPRDF loyalists from all corners are furiously pointing their nasty fingers at him. Some called him crazy. Some even recorded a personal message on their websites and warned him to stop telling the truth.

The EPRDF’s ruthless dogma; “If you are not with me you are my enemy” is chasing its former comrade to possibly end his best days.

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