Is It Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?

Joe Michael (13 Feb. 2009) If there is one editor who is confused as a cow on Astroturf, it is the Ethiopia First editor. Either he is having hard time understanding politics or he is not who some of us think he is. Every time there is news about Sheik Al Amoudi, he wags his tail like a petty dog that wants a bit from its master.

Whenever the Sheik is criticized the editor appears and retorts with madness. He croons and weeps in his small world. Sometimes he wrongly accuses people. At times he insults the Diaspora or defame individuals. What makes it awful is that he is doing it all in the name of Ethiopia.

During last year’s soccer tournament, the surprising Sheik’s huge donation to the Federation raised concerns and different questions were raised. Thank God we are in America; people freely made their plea to the Federation and asked for transparency. However, the ‘Ethiopia First’ editor showed up from no where, in the name of Ethiopia, and started telling people how successful the tournament was, not because of the Federation hard work or the Diaspora participation, but because of the sheik’s donation.

Subsequently, he jumped into the Reporter Editor’s pool and started swimming all over the place only because the Reporter published an article that criticized the Sheik. He used his ‘Ben’s Point of View’, an audio message and insulted, abused, and slandered the Reporter. What made it ludicrous was the fact that the Reporter Editor was a guest in the very same “Ben’s Point of View’ program few month ago and he was praised and honored for his work.

The latest ‘Ben’s Point of View’ victim is the most prominent and respected intellectual, Professor Al. The EF editor once again posted an offensive recorded message on his website insulting the Professor and the Diaspora for questioning the Sheik’s donation to the Clinton Foundation. Not even sure if Professor Al indeed made the inquiry or someone else, the EF editor barked like a crazy dog at Professor Al and started chasing his own tail.

Why is the EF editor showing off or advocating the Sheik anyway? Is it really a love for the motherland or craving for a reward? Is it really for Ethiopians or for self-benefit? Is it really Ethiopia First or Al Amoudi First?

No offend, but it is preposterous. The Sheik might have done good things in Ethiopia. However, people, especially the Diaspora should not be insulted for criticizing him. The EF editor should be advised that this is America and people have right to ask for transparency.

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