In support of Elias Kifle against Al Amoudi’s Lawsuit

EMF – Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Files Lawsuit In UK Against Ethiopian Review Editor, Elias Kifle apparently trying to Intimidate And Silence any Critics against him.

According to information posted on the website, the lawsuit claims that the magazine has gravely injured the reputation of the Sheikh. It has exposed him to public scandal, contempt and odium and has caused him considerable embarrassment and distress.

It has also been reported that some of the witnesses mentioned in the lawsuit are Zenawi’s Ambassador in London and embassy staff members.

Ethiopian Review should be proud of its works making such an effect and causing this much harm to a leading member of child-killer TPLF regime.

The Sheikh was also quoted in a book “Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror” funding al Qaeda.

Rohan Gunaratna a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrews, Scotland exposes that Sheikh Muhammad Hussein al-Almadi was managing a global funds of al Qaeda.

We may differ with some of the views of Elias Kifle, but the lawsuit against him is an attack on all freedom loving Ethiopians. It is an insult specially to Ethiopian Diaspora. It is a warning message aimed at silencing the media as well.

It is now time to support Ethiopian Review. We should set up Ethiopian Review Legal Defense Fund to support Elias Kifle.

Ethiopian Review Legal Fund has been created to fight back the lawsuit. Click here for more information.

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