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By Christian — I grew up listening how the Americans really cared about human rights and humanity. I believed what I heard and read about the US being the holy nation that cared about humanity. I believed the stories narrated in their movies. That was then when I was innocent enough to believe their propaganda.

Then I realized that the US did not really care about human rights. I knew that US was using human right issues to serve its interest. Its policy was US-interest and US-interest only. The US kept quiet and watched as millions died in Rwanda.

Why did it not interfere? Because US did not have any interest in Rwanda, which is a very poor nation. Had US interfered, millions of lives could have been saved. However, the US was very quick to interfere into the Iraq-Kuwait situation. Why? Because Kuwait is a rich nation. It has oil. It has strategic importance for the US military. US did not want to see a strong Iraq nation, which is threat to its friend nation, Israel. US took action in the case of the former Yugoslavia. Why? It had political interest in that region. It is not that the US cared about the poor guys dying over there.

Any leader against the US is labelled “Dictator”, even when he is not. Any leader with them is considered “Progressive”, even when he is a dictator to his own people, even when he has killed thousands of his own people. Our Prime minister, Meles Zenawi, is a perfect example of the later.

I lost hope on the US that I saw until the Bush administration because of what I saw in my life time. I considered the US as the modern day Kingdom of Great Britain. I understood that it was modern day colonization. Colonization in its new form: very deceitful.

Then came Barack Obama and I listened to every speech he made. They seemed to come out of his heart. It seemed that he meant every word he said and my hope in the US revived. But my hope in Obama did not last long. He considers Meles Zenawi- the evil, the dictator, the killer- as a very good friend. He plans to extend aid to a dictator who has been using the aid money to suppress democracy and human rights and to buy bullets to kill its own people. Why did Obama do this? It is because Meles Zenawi is with the US. Obama turned out to be the new George Bush, the new Clinton.

This is a message to my fellow Ethiopians:

“Let us not place our hopes in the US or in Obama but on ourselves. On our heroes like Birtukan Midekssa, Obang Metho, Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam, and others whom I did not mention since the list would be endless. Obama has decided to stand with an Ethiopian dictator and not with Ethiopian people. Obama is another US leader for the US.”

“We are the only solutions to our problems. We are the only hopes to our nation. The saviour to our nation comes only from within us!”

Shame on you, the USA! Shame on you, Obama!
May God bless Ethiopia!

Christian –

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