In Preparation for the 2010 Election

Abraham Berhe (23 June 2009) Most people in Diaspora and inside Ethiopia expect that the next election is going to be a rematch of the 2005 race. But as the 2010 election days come closer and closer, the opposition groups both at home and in Diaspora all together seem still; and have not yet started their respective warm-up campaign. What had happen during the 2005 election was quite classic, outlandish and puzzling to the opposition groups’ opponents, and humorously eccentric to their dedicated and enthusiastic supporters.

To Editors and Webmasters:

For those Ethiopians in Diaspora there is ample access to websites and bloggers. But as contributor of articles every now and then I have experienced some frustrations due to blockage of publishing my articles to readers or due to delays on updating comments coming from readers. I guess I’m not alone tramping on such incidences. I have few friends who shared similar views as regards their contributions.

Hence my appeal goes to those editors and website moderators who seem to take side on contemporary issues. Although one may obviously has own inclination on a given issue as an editor or moderator one should leave the judgments to his readers and publish issues as they come.

Whereas moderating is good and its intentions acceptable, the delays in posting comments and articles are rather a hindrance to readers, article-contributors, and bloggers. In fact such acts are against free speech! While it is inappropriate to use insulting or demoralizing words by contributors or bloggers, the website shouldn’t censor and deprive commentators and article contributors of the free flow of exchanges of ideas! Likewise editors and webmasters must stop ganging-up and deny publishing topics just because certain topics don’t fall within their expected likings. Censorships is a bad habit and deprives free exchange of opinions; which we have already been denied of in our mother country Ethiopia by the TPLF regime!

A not to editors: Please remove some of the ad-features from the website Home-page and allow commentators and article contributors to have free uncensored, immoderate and unmotivated outlet to their ideas and frustrations as it has reach you in the manner you found it initially.

After all, we are at a time of putting the gear and warming up for the next year’s decisive election. Much flow of ideas for or against participating during the election and other related issues will be coming in by each day that goes by.

In addition to exposing emerging political topics, websites and bloggers concerned with Ethiopian affairs must actually take the initiatives to invite their readership circles that frequent their sites as well as those casual visitors to include their comments or opinions and reactions towards contemporarily hot and debatable issues. In this regard editors and webmasters must play the role of the pulse of what is happening with Ethiopia and its political figures and other people, organizations, and events we all commonly care about and be able to deliver such articles immediately, wherever they may find them coming from. Proven compelling during shared events ranging from natural catastrophes like earthquakes to sports festivals, editors and webmasters must be able to introduce to the wider reader in the form and shape as they happen to come to them from the original writer and help their clients become motivated, engaging new way to participate in democracy and educative. Let me come up with a common case of interest to us all.

The 2010 Election in Ethiopia

People are already warming up for the next year’s event that takes the websites by storm. If we take a closer look at the June 12, 2009 election challenges in Iran it was said that

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won a crushing victory in Iran’s landmark presidential election, according to the country’s authorities. But his moderate challenger Mir Hussein Mousavi has warned of “tyranny” and protested that the result was rigged after a record turnout of 84%. As the official results were announced, baton-wielding riot police clashed with angry Mousavi supporters in some of the most serious unrest Tehran has seen in the last 35 years.

To be sure, hot Election topics are determined by a variety of readers and queries being raised by vast readers. Hence editors and webmasters must indicate such timely issues or article topics at the front page of their site or on top of the page; and update them at least twice a day depending on the inflow of comments from viewers. For those who browse on issues, clicking at topic filters the content based on the particular article title or phrase. TPLF’s and opposition-groups’ gear-ups or warm-ups should be updated whenever they find current update elsewhere. Readers can participate in the debate on whatever viewpoint each one thinks.

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