I don’t Know You, but I Need to talk to you!

Why are We, Ethiopians living abroad having difficulty to come together? I usually prefer face to face conversations, but I feel like we need to talk even though we don’t know each other, because we share a common destiny. It is long, but this is what I want to talk to you about today which has been my observation for a while, hope it is useful to start a conversation as children’s of mother Ethiopia. Below I listed what I think our society, especially those who live abroad is not using effectively for various reasons, “ITS HUMAN RESOURCES” to bring change in Ethiopia. We cannot wait for a messiah to do it for us. We have to start to talk and organize with what we have in our area, because individual actions and change can benefit us all collectively, and the potential of every single positive thought and change cannot be undermined. Therefore, I listed below my observation, why I think we are standing divided, and how we can either change the circumstances or use them the way they are to bring change in Ethiopia. If we are unable to make the bystanders rally with us the way we think is the right way, I also listed how we can assist them or support their efforts in their own way to channel their potential towards building a just society in Ethiopia.  Read more….

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