Hailu Shawel: The ultimate betrayal

hailu_shawel_0707By Yilma Bekele, 4 November 2009 –‘Land to the Tiller’ was the cry in the late ’60s. ‘Land to the tiller’ is still the cry of the vast majority of our people today. ‘Democracy, the Rule of Law and respect for basic Human Rights’ was the issue raised by now-defunct CUD (Kinijit) and other opposition parties during the May 2005 general election. ‘Democracy, Rule of Law and respect for Human Right’ are still the main demands today.

The last few years have shown the Ethiopian Diaspora to be an agent of positive change in the affairs of our homeland. So much has been accomplished in such a short time. On the other hand, those who will lose from positive change have not been idle either. Innumerable hurdles were erected to derail the march for true Democracy.

Those within the ‘organization’ were used to disrupt the organization. It is a scientific method biologists use to fight insects and other pests that threaten both humans and animals. They utilize what is known as ‘sterile insect technique’. This method of biological control works by releasing millions of sterile or genetically modified insects into the general population, thus disrupting the normal reproduction cycle.

When it comes to ‘human organization,’ the same method is applied by inserting agents camouflaged as committed members. Properly handled they could even rise up to leadership position. Lidetu Ayalew is a perfect example of the ‘sterile insect technique’. Intentional or not, it was executed perfectly. The opposition was in disarray. The population was subdued. The movement lost focus. There was too much up on the screen.

It was not long ago that the regime utilized its supposedly big gun to confuse and demoralize us. Upon the release of ‘Kinijit’ leaders from Kaliti Prison, TPLF unleashed Hailu Shawel, Bedru Adem and other minions on us. ‘Sterile insect technique’ was unleashed in a spectacular manner. It was dramatic. The ultimate betrayal! The giant turned out to be a dwarf. It was meant to demoralize us, break our back, and send us to a hellhole of depression. Bullies underestimate their victims. ‘Never again’ was the Diaspora’s reply. They forgot we have risen beyond personalities. Hailu and company were discarded and went back home with their tail between their legs. As the Ethiopian people have persevered under the constant onslaught of Woyane [TPLF] terror, feudal impersonators did not fool the Diaspora.

They are at it again. All you have to do is look at what has been going on the last few weeks. The TPLF machine has been busy. It is a relentless machine. It works 24/7. The main goal is to confuse and cause disarray. It manufactures news. It is constantly trying to define the news for us. The TPLF is a moving target. When we are worried about land give-away to Sudan, they reinvade Somalia; when we stress about political prisoners, they release Teddy Afro and we forget the others; when we are concerned about the famine, they give us Hailu Shawel and an empty code of conduct. The TPLF is one evil machine designed to kill hope.

It is de ja vu time. Hailu Shawel, the crown prince of betrayal, is in the process of being unveiled as the right hand man of the petty tyrant. Since Ledetu has been completely disgraced in front of our people, Woyane was forced to bring out Hailu Shawel to saw mistrust. They say during high noon in Ethiopia standing in the middle of the town square Ledetu doesn’t even cast a shadow. It is that much that he has been rendered useless. It is Hailu’s turn now. All that free money offered by the Banks, all that business empire built by Shawel engineering is coming home to roost. It is pay back time, baby. Park your pride outside, discard your principles, betray your country and friends and bend over comrade Hailu. We will leave the rest to the fertile mind of Meles and friends.

The news yesterday is about the millions of our people dying of hunger. The news today is about famine and the wrong and cruel policy designed by Meles Zenawi and company. The news tomorrow is about pinning responsibility on those who have caused so such much anguish and terror on our people. No amount of ‘code of election’ is going to fix that. Without fundamental change taking place, our old country cannot survive the rape and pillage by the TPLF minority Mafia. As far as we are concerned the so-called election is a dead issue. With Meles in charge of the nation, the security under TPLF, the judiciary under TPLF, election board under Meles, the media muzzled and under TPLF, the foreign ambassadors echoing Zenawi”s lies, how in the world can you have a fair and open election? Let TPLF rant about elections. Our job is to work harder to isolate the minority regime from its international supporters. Our job as the Diaspora is stop feeding dollars to the TPLF Mafia. Our job is to have the nerve to be upset and do what is right to save our motherland.

The movement should stay in focus. Focus, purpose and simplicity work together to create success. Our message should be both direct and simple. Our demand should be clear and consistent. We should never react to the agenda set by others. We should set our own agenda.

We should learn to stay in focus. We should not be sidetracked. We have defined our goal and purpose and no amount of background noise should take our attention from the prize. No matter how long it takes we should learn to stay the course and win. Keeping quiet is not an option. Staying neutral is not an option. Losing is not an option. We will not be distracted by our worries and fears, but rather take strength from the lofty goal we have set for our country and people, ‘Freedom and Democracy’ and Ethiopia will rise up again.

Our focus is the struggle to bring ‘Democracy, Justice and the Rule of Law’ to our motherland. Nothing more. Nothing less. We will not be distracted by shameless ‘leaders’, nor by negative propagandists. The possibility of losing does not compare to the certainty of winning. The ultimate prize is a glorious Ethiopia leading the Horn of Africa in science, technology and human value. As they say in US Navy Seals, ‘The more you sweat in peace time, the less you bleed in war’. We will focus and work hard today, so tomorrow our sons and daughters will benefit from our effort.

My advice to our AEUP friends that were cruelly used by Shawel and friends is please don’t go limp on us again. Do not try to manufacture your phantom evidence to show Hailu as a freedom fighter. Do not mistake the country for a tribe. Do not stand with Woyane and pretend you are equal while in fact you are by the feet leaking that dirty boot. As far as the Ethiopian people are concerned, Hailu is dead.

So as you lay in your hospital bed, with no one by your side
I hope you keep on asking, what’s the reason why.
When your casket lowers, no one will shed a tear..
So good bye dear Hailu, your life is near the end
You will die a lonely death, with not one friend
So when it’s finally over, and you take your last breath
Ethiopia will start life again..start fresh.
The writer can be reached at yilma@pacbell.net1 http://allpoetry.com…

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