Gun men arrested editors of Awramba Times

Fitsum Mamo EMF (2 July 2009) Gun men have arrested today the editor-in-chief of the weekly Awramba Times, Fitsum Mamo (on the picture) and its senior reporter Elias Gebru in connection with extensive news coverage on Tuesday’s edition about Ginbot 7 suspect, sources said.

Five days ago, Judge Assefa Abraha, the central judge who handles the case of Ginbot 7 suspects, has seriously warned the editor Elias Gebru. “Your coverage is aimed at diverting the situation and misguide the court.” The judge told Elias.

“The arrest is a direct interpretation of this warning.” the managing editor said.

Awramba time doesn’t know the whereabouts and conditions of its Journalists, our source said.

According to Committee to Protect Journalists, the Newyork based media watchdog, Ethiopian authorities routinely use police detentions, threats, legal, and administrative restraints to stop the handful of independently owned media outlets from covering sensitive topics. In 2007, the Committee to Protect Journalists named Ethiopia the world’s worst backslider on press freedom.

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