GINBOT 7 to launch major fundraising campaign

awramba magazine20 August 2008– GINBOT 7: Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy is about to launch a big fundraising campaign, the public relation told EMF. According to the public relation, the fund is required to carryout a major operation in Ethiopia, as part of the activities of the movement. In addition to its online fund-raiser using PayPal, an online payments service, funds are being raised through several activities including paltalk groups. G7 has just launched a PayPal payment method. People can contribute money for the movement by going to In related news, Dr. Berhanu Nega’s interview with EMF is re-published in Ethiopia by a monthly Awramba Times Magazine [picture]. Sources said, over 10,000 copy of the magazine is sold-out with in an hour on Friday morning. According to our sources, the movement is very popular inside the country but people expect more actions than words. This is a challenge the G7 leaders would face.

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