Packed Ginbot 7 meeting at DC Marriott

Ginbot 7 meeting is held with a packed audience at Washington DC Marriott Hotel on Saturday. The meeting started with an introductory message from Mesfin Aman. The speakers, Ato Andargachew Tsege, Dr. Gidey Assefa, Ato Ephrem Madebo and Ato Muluneh Eyoel have presented moving speeches on the ever worsening overall crisis of Ethiopia and the need to form the movement. People were very emotional when Muluneh Eyoel was presenting his speech. Dr. Berhanu is a moderator today. Here is Muluneh’s speech in PDF. Constructive discussions were also held with the audience. After the meeting, the audience head to Lalibella restaurant to raise fund to support the movement. See also [ESFNA update in picture] and a video report on boycott by [Alysia Patterson, Medill].


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