Ginbot 7 gaining momentum

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice and Democracy is gaining momentum on its Ene Le Wegene $1 Million Campaign with significant increase in the number of support. The movement gets impetus as a result of Meles Zenawi’s new wave of war on peaceful struggle that worsens the political crisis in Ethiopia. According to a source close to G7, hundreds are contributing $ 500 from every corners of the world.

“People are tremendously approaching us from Australia to North America, from Africa to Europe,” the source said. “We are getting the requested contributions from USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Norway, France, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.” It added.

Responding to question from EMF, the movement’s public relation said, “Although we have expected people’s positive responses to our request, it is very remarkable to see such a wonderful experience.”

As soon as the movement met its target, the next step will be action to save our country and our nation, according to the source.

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