German Green Party Resolution on Ethiopia

The following is an unofficial translation of the Resolution of the German Green Party concerning the human rights situation in Ethiopia. (refer the Original document).

32. Regular Federal Delegates Conference

Freiburg, 19.-21. November 2010


Support for the Democracy Movement in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia the yearning for democracy is omnipresent. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has promised democracy and free elections since his seizure of political power in 1991.

But he failed to fulfill his promise for democracy and freedom for the last 19 years. The parliamentary elections on May 23 this year did not take place in a free and democratic environment. Opposition politicians were massively intimidated and some were detained by the regime. The opposition politician Birtukan Mideksa, for example, was kept for almost two years in Ethiopian prisons and that without legal counsel and during the elections. Another Ethiopian politician and opposition candidate from AEUP Amarech Gelane was shot in her home shortly after the elections by the government security agents.

The murder this year in March of the opposition politician Aregawi Gebreyohannes was a cause for worldwide alarm. Both murders have not been fully investigated to date. Already after the elections in 2005 there was a mass demonstration in protest against vote-rigging, which were violently suppressed. This was strongly condemned by the European Parliament at the time. For years now, press freedom and freedom of expression are extensively restricted. As a result, there is no independent media to speak of.

Meanwhile, the government of Meles Zenawi manages to disturb international radio and television broadcasts to Ethiopia including the Deutsche Welle and to monitor their audience. In the elections in May 2010 Zenawi’s party won 99.6% of parliamentary seats and as a result established itself as the sole absolute ruler over Ethiopia. In the past the world community was too reserved in condemning the ongoing human rights violations in Ethiopia. This silence should not be allowed to continue.


• demand that the German Federal Government urge the Ethiopian government to investigate all violations of human rights in Ethiopia and to free all political prisoners
• urge all governments in the European Union to include those responsible for human rights violations, repression and limitation of basic freedoms in Ethiopia in the list of people and organizations prohibited from entering into the European Union and whose assets are frozen
• condemn the ongoing violent repression by the machinery of state power and demand that the Ethiopian ov Gernment desist from the massive human rights violations of the opposition groups as well as women’s
rights activists, students and journalists and to rehabilitate the victims
• demand that the government permit peaceful protests as stipulated by the Constitution
• urge the governments of the European Union to closely monitor the humanitarian aid to Ethiopia and to
ensure that it is not misused for the suppression of dissent
• demand that the Federal Government encourage the Ethiopian Government to enter into dialogue with the
Ethiopian Opposition, to put in place conditions for free and democratic elections and therefore to contribute towards a durable peace and stability in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
• emphasize the need and the significance of continued dialogue with Ethiopia at all levels and in particular  with the civil society.

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