German: Development cooperation with Ethiopia should be reviewed

Press release

[PDF] Thilo Hoppe, Member of the German Bundestag, has issued the following statement on the humanrights situation in Ethiopia:

It is not only in the Arab world that the voices of those who are no longer willing to accept a lack of democracy and a disregard for human rights are growing louder; this is also happening in Ethiopia.

The German Bundestag’s Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development met with opposition politicians and human-rights activists fromEthiopia, who reported on the suppression of protests in Addis Ababa and the imprisonment of journalists, politicians and NGOrepresentatives critical of the regime.

The Federal Government should followup on these reports and also raise the critical human-rights situation in negotiationswith Ethiopia on development cooperation.

Development cooperationwith the government of PrimeMinisterMeles Zenawi should be reviewed.

The reviewmust examinewhat kind of assistance reaches the poorest of the poor and fosters sustainable development – andwhat forms of cooperationmay bemisused by the government andmay even hinder democratic development. Itmust bemade clear to the Ethiopian government that, in Germany’s view, development cooperation cannot be separated fromthe realisation of human rights.

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