Geneva events highlight human rights violations in Ethiopia

geneva_demoPress Release, 11 December 2009 — The Ethiopian Association in Switzerland (AES) and Association for Justice and Accountability in Ethiopia (AJAE) have staged a demonstration and held a candle light vigil in Geneva.

The rally was held in connection with the UN Human Rights Commission’s Universal Periodic Review on December 9 of the TPLF regime’s appalling human rights records.

International human rights organizations, Ethiopian human rights activists, including members of the Ethiopian Association in Switzerland, had previously composed well-documented records of human rights abuses in Ethiopia and heavily lobbied member governments and proved to them thousands of extra judicial executions and murders, torture, disappearances, mass detentions, mass starvation, rape, etc committed by the officials of the regime and their cohorts.

The hard work paid off soon and during the review, countries after countries took turns to condemn the horrendous and gross violations of human rights perpetrated by the Meles regime for the last 19 years and asked the regime to respect the right of Ethiopians as per the international standards that it has signed.

AES and AJAE representatives took part in the UPR review on December 9, and met the officials of the UN human rights commission the next day, and discussed in detail:

  • the unlawful and arbitrary detention of Birtukan Mideksa and many more Ethiopians,
  • the deteriorating human right situation,
  • the issue surrounding the forthcoming election ,
  • the looming catastrophic famine that is already unfolding in Ethiopia etc.

The commission said it has confirmed the situation in Ethiopia was alarming and would keep an eye on it. The activists also staged demonstrations whose missions were:

  • To condemn the TPLF regime
  • To call for the unconditional release of Judge Birtukan Mideksa and all other political prisoners
  • To call for the respect of human and democratic rights in Ethiopia
  • To call for an end to tyranny.

AES and AJAE on this occasion would like to thank all those who showed concern over the dismal human rights situation in Ethiopia and those who took part in the demonstrations.

We shall keep the fight until democracy, justice, freedom and human rights prevail in Ethiopia.

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