Gasha is shocked by woyane’s discriminatory call

Press Release (1 September 2009) Gasha for Ethiopians is shocked and appalled to see an advertisement, on one of the websites which supports the regime in Ethiopia, calling for “all Tigreans in the Los Angeles area” to meet with Twedros Hagos, TPLF politburo member.”

Gasha believes any effort that is designed to isolate any ethnic group for apparent special treatment and exclude others merely on the basis of ethnic affiliation or background is offensive and mean-spirited. To invite a person to attend an open public meeting exclusively because of one’s ethnic background is not only morally wrong and reprehensible, it could possibly be illegal under the civil rights laws of the United States.

Gasha believes in the unity of the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian nation, and condemns any effort to isolate and divide Ethiopians by ethnicity for public meetings or any other purpose as antagonistic, unnecessary and hurtful. Public meetings such as this one should be held without regards to a person’s race, ethnicity, language, gender or any other discriminatory factor.

Gasha is proud to join all Ethiopians who condemn the use of ethnic politics to divide and oppress the people of Ethiopia.

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