Fleeing Ethiopian maid falls, dies

By Hanan Al-Saadoun, Kuwait Times Staff

KUWAIT: An Ethiopian maid tried to escape from recruiting agents at Hawally, but fell during her attempt to flee. She was critically wounded in the fall and died on the spot. A case was registered. An Ethiopian expat killed his compatriot, a 32-year-old shepherd by hitting him strongly in the head with a metallic object.

The killer tried to escape, but passersby caught hold of him and did not let him off till the police came and arrested him. The culprit said he killed him due to previous differences between them and an unpaid debt. A Kuwaiti man complained to the Umm Al-Haiman police station that his son left home last Friday and had not returned home since then.

Two Pakistani expats were arrested from Shuwaikh Industrial area after they robbed an Iranian expat working at a grocery store. The Iranian man was able to identify them. A Kuwaiti man complained to the police in Ahmadi that his mobile phone and a generator were stolen while he was asleep.

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