Fitawerari Amede Lemma passed away

Fetawerari Amede Lemma EMF (21 April 2009) : MP during Haileselassie government, and renowned Ethiopian figure, Fitawrari Amede Lema passed away today, family source told EMF. Fitawrari was one of elders during the release process of Kinijit leaders. He was also known for the lobbying of the return of Axum Obelisk since 1966. The funeral will take place tomorrow at Muslim’s cemetery at 12:30 PM in Addiss Ababa. Fitawerari Amede died at age of 90. He was a father of ten children, 34 grand children and six great grand children.  In related news, w/o Sinidu Gebru, the first woman MP and mother of Dr. Samuel Assefa (TPLF ambassador to USA) passed away yesterday.

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