Europe-Based Oromo Call for Protest Against Meles

Press Release: The Ethiopian government, led by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), continues to intimidate opposition parties and the civil society whilst muzzling a mass media that, as a result, is neither free nor fair. Heavy-handed state responses to legitimate protests have left scores dead and many more injured – and their families have no recourse to adequate justice.

To bring these abuses to the attention of the European public and decision makers, the Oromos residing in Europe will hold a demonstration on Friday 22 May 2009 – beginning at the Schuman station at 10AM (10:00), and moving to the European Commission (Berlaymont Building), the European Parliament (Place Jean Rey), the UK Embassy and the final stop at the USA Embassy, where activists will stay until 1pm (13:00).

The demonstration will urge the European Union and advocates of justice around the world to take note of, and act against, the atrocities being committed against the Oromo people and other nationalities of Ethiopia.

Activists will also call on all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to stand in unity on behalf of the country’s innocent and voiceless peoples, whose lives and livelihoods are being constrained by an unrepresentative and minority government.

Note: There will be media opportunities during the demonstration and activists with first-hand experience of the situation in Ethiopia will be available for comments.

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