EU parliamentary hearing with Dr. Berhanu

25 June 2008 (EMF) Dr. Berhanu Nega, Mayor-elect of Addis Ababa, and leader of G7 movement had a high level talk yesterday with top level EU executives. “He met with Javier SOLANA and Louis Michel office. It was an extremely high level talk,” source said. In the meetings, Berhanu warned the European Union about the looming danger because of their wrong foreign policy in the East Africa region.

Dr. Berhanu will have a hearing at European Parliament tonight, 25 June, at 18.30, EU sources told EMF. Many members of the EU and Ethiopians will attend the meeting which is aim at the ever worsening political and human rights situation in Ethiopia. The meeting will take place in room ASP 5G 305, Brussels. Read also Berhanu’s EU tour at Awramba Times [Amharic]

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