EU Human Rights Committee hearing on Andargachew Tsege

EU Human Rights Committee held a hearing on 24th September 2014 about Andargachew Tsege a UK citizen currently held in unknown location in Ethiopia .  Please follow link  and watch. Highlights include:
Maya Foa of Reprieve clearly stating why Andargachew Tsege’s case is illegal and UK must demand its immediate release;
MEP Ms Ana Gomes impassioned demands to EU and UK to do more than release statements to address the Human rights violation in Ethiopia against political opposition parties as well journalists;
MEP Mr. Richard Howitt asking the Chair to issue a statement to UK and Ethiopian authorities demanding the immediate return of Andargachew Tsege to UK;
 Chairperson Elena VALENCIANO MARTÍNEZ-OROZCO trying to make

EEAS (European External Action Service – Foreign Affairs EU) Horn of Africa accountable  stating “I understand you need to intervene if necessary but it is necessary”;
MEP Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS asking if any actions have been taken by EU since their last statement in late July “to bring those responsible to the daylight” EEAS (European External Action Service) dodging the real questions and talking about the election commission work and supporting the UK on Andargachew’s case;
Emma Achilli  of Front line Defenders making the case for the Zone 9 bloggers who have been unjustly detained;
Ethiopian Embassy representative defending the un-defendable.

In the video there is a reference to the statement issued by UK FCO in relation to Andargachew’s case to EU Human Rights committee, it reads as follows
The United Kingdom is concerned by the removal from Yemen to Ethiopia and subsequent  detention without adequate consular access of British national, Mr Andargachew Tsege. 
Andargachew was removed from Yemen to Ethiopia on 24 June 2014 without the British Embassy in Yemen being informed.  Neither the Ethiopian nor Yemeni Governments have produced satisfactory information about the legal basis for his removal. 
In the three months since his detention in Ethiopia began, the Ethiopian authorities have permitted only one consular visit to Andargachew, on11 August.  Despite repeated requests, Ethiopia has not yet agreed to further consular access. 
We are concerned about Andargachew’s welfare and have requested at Foreign Minister level that regular consular access be given without further delay.  We are committed to ensuring that Andargachew is not mistreated and that his legal rights are observed.  We also continue to press for assurances that two death sentences imposed in past trials in absentia will not be carried out.  Like other EU member states, the United Kingdom is opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances.


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