ETV used fabricated story to attack US Govt – MP

us-governmentEMF – Opposition parliamentarian condemned the incumbent Meles Zenawi regime for using forged information to attack the US state department, an online JimaTimes reported. It has been reported earlier that the despotic regime is mounting series of attacks on the US government, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch by trying to defy the human rights report of the U.S State Department and rights groups.

ETV, the only television station in Ethiopia controlled by the ruling TPLF party, is also in a business of crusades against the US government, Amnesty International and New York-based Human Rights Watch for revealing the human rights situation in the country. ETV used the usual false evidences to attack the US government and these international human rights groups. The online Jimma times reports the news as follows:

Harassed Ethiopia MP says ETV fabricated stories to criticize US report

(Jimma Times) The Honorable Ato Gutu Mulisa, Member of Parliament representing Alfeta Wereda, in Oromia region and member of Oromo Peoples’ Congress condemned the documentary issued by ETV. ETV presented a documentary as a rebuttal to the US State Department annual human rights report.

The Honorable Gutu Mulisa told the newspaper that he was beaten and harassed by local officials. He said he gave a report to various newspapers and the media including ETV at the time indicating members of parliament are beaten and harassed by local officials.

The MP says ETV presented wrong information about him in the documentary. The individual (on ETV) who claims to be the brother of Ato Gutu is not related to him and in fact, Gutu doesn’t know him at all. This individual testified that the Honorable Gutu Mulisa is his brother and he would have known if the MP was beaten or harassed. The [ETV] documentary says that the Honorable Gutu Mulisa was not found at his address. The MP says he has been in Addis all this time and has never been absent from any of the parliamentary sessions.

Other members of parliament, the Honorable Bekele Diriba and Dejene Tafa say that they know Gutu Mulisa very well and they also know that [he] was beaten and harassed by local officials, and they also know that the individual who pretends to be the brother of Gutu is not his brother at all. The two parliamentarians expressed their dissatisfaction by the way ETV behaved and added that the documentary is a political ploy to intimidate the political opposition

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